I awoke, startled, to a strange sound coming from my bathroom. "One sec," I whispered to my wife as I steadily walked from my bedroom to my bathroom. I slowly, but steadily, opened the door only to find a man curled up in the corner. I jumped back a little and stared more until he turned his face to me. "Hi," I said slowly as I stumbled over my words. He got up and stared at me with the black outlines over his eyes and that red, horrible smile carved into his face. I fell to the ground and crawled away from him, sweating in fear. "Go to sleep," he murmured as he pounced onto me and darted his knife to my chest, but failed and got my stomach instead. I jumped and kicked his face as he went to stab me again. He grunted and ran up to me and stabbed my knees, disabling them. Blood poured from these knees of mine as I attempted to escape. My wife heard all this noise and phoned 911. Jeff grabbed my cheeks and carved a smile into them. Everything blacked out.

The Next DayEdit

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"Phillip Reach Killed With a Smile Carved Into His Face. Blood on the Wall Saying, "Go to sleep."

Phillip Reach, aged 38, was murdered last night after being attacked by an odd looking man. His wife, Cheryl Reach, described the man as, 'having a red smile covering his cheeks, black rings around his eyes, a white hoodie with blood stains, black shoes, black pants and a ghastly pale face.'

This man has killed about 50 people in our one state, so be aware of him.

If you spot anyone who fits this description, please report it to the police department as soon as possible.

A message was sent to us saying, "No one can catch a demon of my level. Go to sleep. Oh, and aren't I beautiful?"

Journalist, Richard Glames.