Creepypasta Spin-off Wiki is a wikia for Creepypastas that are spin-offs or fan sequels to popular stories, like Lost Silver, Pokemon Creepy Black, Slenderman, BRVR, The Rake, Sonic.exe, Tails Doll, Snow On Mt. SIlver, B.O.B., Squidward's Suicide/Red Mist, Happy Appy, BEN, Normal Porn For Normal People, Dogscape, Moon Face, Candle Cove, Dead Bart, Smiledog, Herobrine, Zalgo, Jeff The Killer, Hope is Lost, etc.

Feel free to add anything you want in this wiki (EXCEPT THE FOLLOWING IN THE RULES BELOW.) Just enjoy!

If you want to add non-spinoff creepypastas, it is reccomended that you go here.


  1. Any Spin-off can be posted in here, but don't post an original unspin-offed pasta here. It's copying and unoriginal.
  2. Do not edit other peoples pasta without permission unless if they are free to do such.
  3. Non-spinoffed creepypastas are allowed in the official creepypasta wiki.
  4. No spammed pages.
  5. No bad spelling or bad grammar. Or else yew well now t@lk baeed grammer lieek dis nowww.

If you do not follow all of these rules, consequences are: 

  • 1-Day Block
  • Banning
  • Loss of Administrator (If earned)

If you keep disrespecting the rules, you will earn a permanent ban. ZERO TOLERANCE.

Remember these now, little boy.

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